Economical/Multi-Purpose Fluids for Ferrous Substrates


IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES is a line of very economical, light to medium duty stamping lubricants for many stamping markets. The 109 series of lubricants were designed to provide consistent performance, ease of use and part cleanliness where welding and surface finishing areas may be of concern. 109 series lubricants form true, stable solutions in water and can be applied efficiently and easily in conventional spray, roller-based or hybrid application systems.

In automotive applications, IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES stamping fluids regularly find utility in cold & hot-rolled mild steel and higher strength steel components for seating frames/structures, suspension components, steel wheel stamping and chassis components. Suitability on zinc-coated steels is dependent upon concentration of the solution used in stamping and the exposure time on part surfaces prior to finishing through paint/e-coat systems. Materials with tensile strengths ranging from 200MPa – 500MPa are commonly stamped with 109 series products.


As all customers/applications are unique – use concentrations of IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES stamping fluids will vary from one customer to another and one process/substrate to another. To determine which IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES product and concentration(s) are best suited for your applications – contact IRMCO or your local IRMCO representative for guidance.


  • Contain no mineral oil and are fully water soluble.
  • Are easily removed with conventional, aqueous cleaning/finishing systems.
  • Are easily waste treatable in conventional waste treatment systems.
  • Can often be welded through without prior removal *.
  • Compatible with most MQL-type application processes – leading to lower consumption and cost of operation.
  • Very compatible with conventional chemical proportioning and mixing systems.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES stamping fluids are all available in pail, drum, tote and bulk quantities. Our global team strives to surpass our client’s expectations and provide tangible, lasting business and environmental value. Contact us to learn more about IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES stamping fluids & our capabilities.

Multi-Purpose Fluids for Ferrous Substrates