Exhaust Tubing Lubricant

IRMCO EXTREME® tube-bending lubricants are extremely clean-running, fully synthetic lubricants designed for mandrel tube-bending and forming applications. IRMCO EXTREME products are best suited for use on aluminum and aluminized stainless steel bending and forming applications, with carbon and stainless steels being alternate uses.

IRMCO Extreme product series


• Contain no mineral oils or pigments.
• Range in viscosity from 20000 to 45000 cSt to enabling excellent adhesion to tube surfaces, while lessening weeping and dripping onto floors.
• Are easily removed in aqueous cleaners in immersion, ultrasonic or spray applications.
• Require no dilution – they are used as received.
• Are easily waste treated in conventional systems.
• Can often be welded through without prior removal *.
• Are more compliant with maintaining ISO 14001 directives.