Stainless Steel Tube Bending Lubricants

IRMCO GEL® 980 tube-bending lubricants are clean-running, fully synthetic lubricants designed specifically for mandrel tube-bending and forming applications. IRMCO GEL 980 products are best suited for use on mild and stainless steels.

980 tube bending lubricant


• Contains no mineral oils or pigments.
• Are highly viscous (between NLGI 0 and 00) and prevent or minimize weeping or dripping onto floors.
• Are easily removed in aqueous cleaners in immersion, ultrasonic or spray applications.
• Require no dilution – they are used as received.
• Are easily waste treated in conventional systems.
• Can often be welded through without prior removal *.
• Are more compliant with maintaining ISO 14001 directives.