5 Reasons Why You Need IRMCO iTool

Is your current lubricant not up to snuff?

Are you facing tighter process and chemical regulations?  

Is your facility changing substrates to address changing market demands?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions—here are 5 reasons you need IRMCO® iTOOL:




You can’t afford the down time and interrupted production to test different lubricants. With IRMCO iTOOL—you don’t need to. You can prove performance on our dies prior to testing on yours.





Running numerous unproven lubricant trials can be costly as far as material is concerned. With IRMCO iTOOL—you can get basic, comparative performance data with as few as 5 blanks per test lubricant.




IRMCO iTOOL affords better control of operational parameters than most stamping facilities. This allows for greater experimentation in lubricant application as well as more readily available temperature and peak load measurement.




IRMCO iTOOL allows for quicker and easier evaluation of different substrates under the same test conditions. Any customer supplied, blanked material can be evaluated efficiently and safely



Compared to traditional friction testing methods—IRMCO iTOOL data correlates more closely to real world production performance as the metal is subjected to similar deformation and process limiting conditions.

At IRMCO, we don't only redefine stamping lubricants--we redefine how they are tested.