Conventional evaporative lubricants provide the following, general benefits:

  • Generally, eliminate the need for cleaning parts.
  • Provide a “dry-to-touch” surface.
  • Processes are all light-duty stamping or forming, punching, and roll-forming.
  • Multi-metal compatible.
  • Can allow for parts to go direct to packaging from the press.
  • Typically, low cost.
  • Conventional evaporative lubricants do not require mixing or diluting.
  • Excellent surface wetting allows for higher-speed, light-duty stamping applications.
  • Residues or drying times can be modified through process equipment and application.

Newer generation, water-based evaporative lubricants can provide the additional benefits:

  • Total or nearly total elimination of V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds).
  • Typically provide better punch, shear and tool life.
  • Offer flexibility in dilution for heavier-duty parts or processes.
  • Can offer comparable dryness and drying times.
  • Applied through conventional application equipment.
  • Often provide better, quicker cooling due to water content.