IRMCO FLUIDS 146 Series Stamping Lubricants


IRMCO’s 146 series stamping lubricants were originally designed as oil-free, heavy-duty options to conventional, chlorinated paraffin-based, emulsifiable-oil stamping fluids. Products in this series have been used extensively in stamping automotive, heavy industrial, appliance, lawn & garden, and durable consumer goods parts for decades.

IRMCO 146 SERIES Product Profile

  • Well suited for stamping conventional mild steels – up to 1.2 GPa tensile strength AHSS steels. Some 146 series products offer improved compatibility with zinc-coated (galvanized, galvannealed, etc.) steels & uncoated, stainless steel alloys.
  • Easily mixed with water to form stable solutions using conventional chemical proportioning systems (HYDROBLEND, “venturi”-type, and another mixing).
  • Optimally applied via spray or roller application. Easily applied manually via swabbing, brushing, or wiping.
  • Demonstrate excellent “weld-through” characteristics* over conventional oil-based stamping lubricants.
  • Compatible with conventional, aqueous surface cleaning and pretreatment chemical regimes prior to powder paint, e-coat, and porcelain enameling processes.
  • Oil, nitrite, chlorine, sulfur, boron, and triazine/formaldehyde-free chemistry

High Strength Steel Lubricant

*Diluent Water Quality Disclaimer    *Recycling/Reusing Stamping Lubricant    *Weld Through Disclaimer 


Our high-performance metal-forming fluids are oil-free alternatives to oil and/or animal fat-based and pigmented paste lubricants. These stamping lubricants are laboratory tested and field-process-tested and can be used across a number of industries. Our IRMCO 146 Series metal stamping lubricant can be applied manually or via automated roller and spray applicators to various kinds of steel.

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