Oil-Free Lubricant Industry Solutions

IRMCO® Stamping Lubricants specializes in high performance, oil-free lubricants for metal-stamping and tube-bending associated industries. Operating continuously for over 100 years – we’ve grown and adapted to the ever-changing demands of the manufacturing markets and have always met and exceeded our customer’s quality, regulatory and safety standards. IRMCO developed some of the first oil-free stamping lubricants, developed the industry’s first oil-free, “gelled” tube-bending lubricant and has championed minimum quantity fluid application for optimal performance and economy for over 40 years. Our commitment to developing leading-edge technology and providing unparalleled customer service & support remains the core of our company’s mission and business partnerships.

At IRMCO, our global team strives to surpass our client’s expectations and to provide tangible, lasting, business and environmental value. Contact our Team today to learn more!

tube bending industry

Tube Bending

IRMCO GEL® & IRMCO EXTREME® tube bending lubricants are designed to stay where they’re applied – maximizing mandrel lubrication and economy through precise, minimal quantity application. The negligible residues left by these products offer increased ease of welding and removal.

automotive industry

Automotive Stamping Market

IRMCO FLUIDS® oil-free fluids are used in stamping everything from mild steel to AHSS while simultaneously improving tool life and reducing process energy costs. Whether you’re stamping seat frames, chassis, subframe or other structural components – IRMCO FLUIDS® has got you covered.

lawn and garden industry

Lawn & Garden Equipment

IRMCO FLUIDS® handle everything from mower decks, snow thrower chutes and fender panels to heavy gauge brackets and frame components. If you’re producing power equipment -IRMCO FLUIDS® has the right product for your process.

appliance industry

Appliance Components

IRMCO FLUIDS® have provided the appliance industry high performance, economincal fluid alternatives for all mild, porcelain enameling and stainless steel component stamping for decades.