Tube Bending Summary

EXAMPLE PARTS: fuel inlets, exhaust/emission tube, automotive grill guards, step-rails & luggage racks, exercise equipment, office furniture frames, aerospace tubing, power equipment & recreational vehicle frames, etc.

SUBSTRATES: mild steels, aluminum, standard & aluminized stainless steels, titanium, Inconel.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: IRMCO FLUIDS® 080-series, IRMCO FLUIDS® 090-series, IRMCO EXTREME® 460-series, and IRMCO GEL® 980-series.


  • Applied minimally – reducing waste.
  • Minimal residues left behind allowing for greater ease of cleaning & inspection.
  • Eliminate need for cleaning in certain applications.
  • Compatible with aqueous cleaning methods – eliminate need for solvent or vapor degreaser cleaning processes.
  • Easily applied through the mandrel & with conventional application equipment.

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