General Purpose Steel Stamping Lubricants

IRMCO Fluids offers general purpose steel stamping lubricants for a variety of applications.

General Purpose Steel substrates:

  • Typically, smaller – medium sized production facilities.
  • Lower tensile strength, conventional mild steels compared to most automotive OEMs and highly specialized stampers.
  • Economic price point and “utility” of function are critical.
  • Require excellent welding and pretreatment/finishing process compatibility.
  • Usually lighter to medium duty stamping processes and simpler part geometries.


  • All IRMCO FLUIDS® products are free of oil and chlorinated paraffins.
  • Cleaner running than oil-based lubricants.
  • Often welded through without removal from part surfaces*.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • More compatible with ISO 14001 and carbon reduction goals than oil-based lubricants.
Our specialized general purchase stamping lubricants include:

IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES: oil-free, fully synthetic, light – heavy-duty stamping fluids for medium to heavy duty mild and medium tensile strength HSLA steel stamping processes.

IRMCO FLUIDS 146 SERIES: oil-free , fully synthetic, heavy-duty stamping fluids for heavy duty mild steel up to 1GPa tensile strength steel.


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