Zinc-Coated Steel Stamping Lubricants

IRMCO fluids offers oil-free fully synthetic zinc-coated steel stamping lubricants.

The unique metallurgical characteristics of zinc-coated steels (galvanized / galvannealed steels) stamped for automotive applications require special attention regarding water-based lubrication. Zinc coatings can be very abrasive on tooling, are softer than the substrate they are applied to, and increase the potential for staining of parts when exposed to water or incompatible chemistry for too long. IRMCO developed fully synthetic zinc-coated steel stamping lubricants that can end the reliance on oil-based chemistries.

IRMCO provides oil-free, fully synthetic zinc-coated steel stamping fluids that form stable and true solutions in water. IRMCO FLUIDS are clean running, provide excellent corrosion protection and weld through characteristics, and are easily removed in conventional surface pretreatment processes. IRMCO FLUIDS have been reliably stamping zinc-coated steel components for durable consumer goods, household appliances, and automotive OEM seating, frame, and suspension components for decades.

Our specialized zinc-coated steel stamping lubricants include:

IRMCO FLUIDS® 313 SERIES: oil-free, fully synthetic, light – medium duty stamping of zinc-coated steel parts – commonly ranging from 200 MPa – 700 MPa.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 146 SERIES: oil-free, fully synthetic, light – heavy-duty stamping fluids for zinc-coated steel parts ranging from 200 MPa – 1Gpa.