Metal Forming Lubricants in Mexico

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mexico metal forming lubricantIRMCO proudly serves Mexico – supplying & servicing high performance, value-driven metal-stamping & tube-bending lubricants.

As a fourth-generation, family-owned company specializing in metal-stamping and tube-bending fluids – IRMCO has served our hard-working, North American business partners for over 100 years. We pioneered and advanced oil-free, water-based stamping and bending fluids over the past four decades– benefitting not only our customers’ safety & bottom lines – but equally important – the environment.  We distribute and service our innovative products worldwide through our dedicated family of employees. Our IRMCO FLUIDS® metal-stamping fluids & IRMCO GEL® & EXTREME® tube-bending lubricants include the following product groups:

We are extremely proud of our business partnerships and are committed to providing the greatest level of value and support to our customers. We look forward to providing even greater logistical and service support with our new location in Nuevo Leon. The IRMCO family believes we draw strength from the support of our neighbors, and we look forward to strengthening our support and ties with our friends in Mexico.

North America Economy

North America is a very powerful engine for the global economy. Not only does North America produce a great deal of diverse products and services, but we are also critically important consumers of global products & services. What makes North America’s position unique; however, are the close relationships shared by its member states. These relationships transcend any perceived cultural or political differences to unify all member states toward a common goal – the health & prosperity of our families & communities.

Manufacturers are a great example of these important friendships and cooperation.  Many companies maintain production facilities throughout North America. These geographic distances need to be covered by careful production planning and extensive support from material suppliers. As these corporations grow – so too must their support systems – and this is why IRMCO established manufacturing, distribution and support capabilities in Mexico.

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