MQL Tube-Bending Fluids – For Un-coated Mild & Stainless Steels

IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 Series

IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 series are versatile oil-free lubricants used in metal stamping as well as in MQL-applied, mandrel tube-bending applications. IRMCO FLUIDS 090 series lubricants are best suited for uncoated mild & stainless-steel applications.

IRMCO’s 090 Series Usage

The low viscosity of IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 SERIES make these products particularly well-suited for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) application equipment – used to deliver extremely fine, fluid films of lubricant through-the-mandrel in bending processes.  090 SERIES lubricants regularly find use in smaller production facilities that require the optimized efficiency of MQL application and service a wide range of clients and product markets. 090 SERIES products can be applied easily through existent equipment fluid reservoirs, through the IRMCO I.V. applicator system or through regulated delivery from a pail or drum pump.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 SERIES products are used extensively in the production of aftermarket automotive components, exercise equipment, office furniture, home & garden equipment frames, fluid delivery and boiler tubes amongst other markets.

IRMCO’s 090 Series Benefits

    • Contain no mineral oils or pigments.
    • Low viscosity for optimal distribution through minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) application systems.
    • Easily removed in aqueous cleaners in immersion, ultrasonic and spray cleaning systems.
    • Can often be welded through without prior removal.
    • Are more consistent with achieving/maintaining ISO 14001 directives than oil-based or oil-containing products.
    • Clean-running, water-based clear products allow for easy part inspection.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 SERIES lubricants are conventionally available in pail, drum and tote quantities. At IRMCO, our global team strives to surpass our client’s expectations and provide tangible, lasting business & environmental value. Contact us today to learn more about IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 SERIES products and how they may benefit your process.