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Not all lubricants are the same. And one brand is clearly better – IRMCO.

Over 100 years ago, William O. Jeffery established IRMCO to address the lubricant needs of the rapidly developing and expanding manufacturing market in the United States. Four generations later, the Jeffery family continues its tradition of service and innovation in the metal-stamping and tube-bending industries – with the same focus on addressing the needs of the ever-evolving materials, equipment and regulations of today’s manufacturing world.

But IRMCO’s legacy isn’t just developing & introducing the first fully synthetic, oil-free stamping lubricants or the first oil-free, clear, GEL tube-bending lubricants, it’s the personal commitment – at every level of our organization worldwide – to providing the greatest possible value to our customers through unparalleled product performance and decades of innovative troubleshooting expertise. This commitment began over a century ago, and is the core tenet that propels IRMCO forward. It’s our way of doing business & it’s what has come to be expected of us in our market and what we expect from our suppliers and customers…it’s the “IRMCO WAY”.

If you’ve ever thought “there has to be a better way” to stamp or bend your part…to improve tool life…to lower your energy consumption…there is a better way: the “IRMCO WAY”.

If you want a business partner rather than just a supplier – contact IRMCO and see how our decades of pioneering work developing and applying our chemistries can benefit your applications.

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IRMCO® Advanced Metalforming Lubricant Technologies, Evanston, IL, a manufacturer of oil-free metal forming and tube bending lubricants  celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2014.

IRMCO® was founded in 1914 by William Oats Jeffery, a mining immigrant from England.  International Refining & Mfg Co was originally located in Philadelphia, PA then moved to Evanston in 1917. The current building with multiple expansions has been occupied for the last 95 years. IRMCO® continues the family tradition with fourth generation leadership in W. Jeff Jeffery as CEO.

IRMCO believes that people make a company, and business success is achieved by everyone having a stake in the outcome and a culture that values business excellence and environmental stewardship. Through an open book culture, IRMCO’s global team continually strives to consistently surpass client’s expectations and provide tangible, lasting business and environmental value.

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