global locationsSince 1914, IRMCO® Advanced Metal forming Lubricant Technologies has been serving the metal- stamping and tube-bending industries by manufacturing innovative, oil-free metal-forming and tube-bending lubricants.

While IRMCO North America services Canada, Mexico and the United States, our strategically located IRMCO partners service & support our global customers throughout Europe, Asia and South America. We believe in providing the greatest possible value to our customers through product performance and innovative solutions. We understand providing this service Our commitment to our customers and global manufacturing goes beyond pioneering the first fully-synthetic, oil-free stamping lubricant and oil-free, clear, GEL tube-bending lubricants; it’s about perfecting stamping & bending processes and driving collective manufacturing knowledge forward. We take great pride in forming lasting partnerships with our global partners to advance manufacturing efficiencies, economy and environmental stewardship. IRMCO’s global team strives to surpass client expectations and provide tangible, lasting business and environmental value.