Stainless Steel Stamping Lubricants

IRMCO Fluids offers oil-free, fully synthetic stainless steel stamping lubricants.

Stainless steel substrates:

  • Comparatively hard, smooth surface profile compared to conventional steels.
  • Work hardening properties of some alloys demand special lubricant properties.
  • Used primarily for corrosion resistance properties.
  • Historically required hard to clean/remove lubricants like chlorinated paraffins.
  • Aluminized stainless steel substrates pose unique forming challenges – combining opposing physical, metallurgical characteristics of aluminum and stainless steels.


  • All IRMCO FLUIDS® products are free of chlorinated paraffins.
  • Require less energy and less aggressive aqueous cleaning chemistry to remove.
  • Typically improve weld quality due to cleaner surfaces.
  • Better biodegradability than conventional, oil-based and chlorinated paraffin-containing lubricants.

Our unique chemistries include the following product lines:

IRMCO FLUIDS® 080 SERIES: oil-free, fully synthetic, light – medium duty stamping of stainless steel automotive & appliance parts. Capable of complex geometries & deeper drawn parts.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 536 SERIES: oil-free, fully synthetic heavy-duty stainless steel stamping lubricants for stamping complex geometries & deep drawn parts.                                 

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