Automotive OEM: Muffler Baffle



Project Scope: Replace competitive, chlorinated paraffin-based, emulsifiable oil stamping fluid due to customer concerns over worker exposure, housekeeping & tool life.

Metal Substrate: 18CRCB/441 STAINLESS STEEL—.043-0.47 “ (1.09-1.19mm) THICKNESS.

IRMCO Product: IRMCO FLUIDS® 146-892 @ 6:1 RATIO.

Process Improvements:

  1. IRMCO FLUIDS 146-892 maintained same press speed and part quality while reducing the lubricant concentration almost 10% from the incumbent product concentration.
  2. IRMCO optimized lubricant application to tooling & parts to reduce the amount of fluid delivered–reducing waste.
  3. IRMCO produced parts exited the press cooler to the touch than those produced with the chlorinated, emulsified oil stamping fluid.