Metal Forming Stamping Lubricant

IRMCO specializes in developing & supporting innovative, oil-free metal-forming & tube-bending lubricants for demanding manufacturing processes. Our clean running, water-based lubricants are used in stamping a wide variety of metal substrates including aluminum, galvannealed & galvanized steels, stainless steels & mild, HSLA, AHSS steels & select yellow metal applications. The versatility of our products has resulted in great acceptance in a wide variety of manufacturing industries including tube-bending, automotive OEMs, heavy industrial & military vehicles, appliance & lawn & garden equipment.

Why Oil-Free Industrial Lubricant?

Oil-free, water-based stamping lubricants may offer many benefits for your applications over oil-based lubricants. Traditional oil-based lubricants employ materials like pigments, fats & other water-insoluble additives that can negatively impact application equipment & worker safety as well as increase housekeeping costs. Some of the potential benefits of IRMCO’s oil-free lubricants include:

  • Cleaner weld-through properties
  • Easier mixing & delivery through conventional equipment
  • Cleaner, easier to inspect parts
  • Reducing Production V.O.C
  • Less energy required to remove from stamped parts in finishing
  • Excellent environmental safety profile


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