Automotive Stamping Fluids

IRMCO FLUIDS® are some of the first oil-free stamping fluids available for the automotive and associated industries and IRMCO continues to lead in oil-free alternatives for all stamping markets.

Benefits of IRMCO’s Oil-Free Stamping Fluids

  • Possible elimination of intermediate cleaning of parts between processes
  • Easier weld-through compared to oil-based lubricants
  • Reduced weld spatter on welded parts
  • Easier to inspect parts for quality over oil-based products
  • Clean easier in aqueous cleaners
  • Improved tool life over conventional stamping lubricants
  • Suitable for mql, spray, and roller application

IRMCO Oil-Free Stamping Fluids Solutions

IRMCO offers an extensive line of products for automotive applications, including:

  • IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES – light to medium duty stamping lubricants for many stamping markets
  • IRMCO FLUIDS® 146 SERIES – heavy-duty drawing and stamping of mild and high-strength steels
  • IRMCO FLUIDS® 313 SERIES – medium to heavy duty drawing and stamping of mild steels and zinc coated (galvanized and galvannealed) steels
  • IRMCO FLUIDS® 323 SERIES – light to medium duty drawing and stamping of mild steels and some high-strength steels
  • IRMCO FLUIDS® 536 SERIES – medium to severe duty drawing and stamping fluids – heavily fortified with EP additives. Excellent for stainless, mild, and high-strength steels

Oil-Free Fluid Applications

As a manufacturer of oil-free stamping fluids, an industry leader in oil-free alternatives of all automotive stamping fluids and a highly experienced in the automotive industry, IRMCO offers you the stamping fluids you need for your application. Common uses for our systems include:

Automotive Stamping Lubricant Materials

At IRMCO, we provide solutions to various materials, including:

  • AHSS (advanced high-strength steels) – light-weighting
  • UHSS (ultra-high strength steels) – light-weighting
  • Galvannealed steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steels (components – particularly exhaust and emission)
  • Aluminum (body panels and light-weighting)
  • Hot rolled steel
  • Cold rolled steel

Vehicles Supplied:

IRMCO works with a wide range of vehicles in the automotive industry, including:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Passenger pick-up trucks
  • OTR trucks/tractor trailers
  • Military vehicles
  • Excavators/land moving equipment
  • Commercial vans
  • Agricultural tractors


At IRMCO, we are the industry leader in chemical reduction and minimal quantity fluid applications. Our fluids are made eco-friendly and effective without chlorinated paraffin and mineral oil. We also provide less lead time for orders than our competitors. Contact us today to learn more about our automotive stamping fluids. Our high-performance metal-forming fluids are oil-free alternatives to oil and/or animal fat-based and pigmented paste lubricants. These stamping lubricants are laboratory tested and field-process-tested and can be used across a number of industries.

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