Exhaust & Emission Control Product Lubricants

Your vehicle’s exhaust and emission system is an integral part not only in sound dampening but also in protecting the environment – IRMCO is an integral part in global emission and exhaust system manufacturing.

For decades, IRMCO has been providing oil-free lubricants for emission and exhaust systems for personal, commercial and military vehicles throughout the world. Whether the components are tubular – using IRMCO GEL® & IRMCO EXTREME® oil-free tube-bending lubricants or stamped/drawn parts like heat shields, baffles, cones and muffler caps using IRMCO FLUIDS® stamping lubricants – IRMCO is a world leader in clean, oil-free stamping and bending lubricants for emission and exhaust control products.

The emission and exhaust products helping to protect our environment every day are made more safely, cleanly and efficiently with IRMCO products.