Galvannealed & Galvanized Steel Stamping Lubricants


Our high-performance metal-forming fluids are oil-free alternatives to oil and/or animal fat-based and pigmented paste lubricants. These stamping lubricants are laboratory tested and field-process-tested and can be used across a number of industries. Our IRMCO 313 Series metal stamping lubricant can be applied manually or via automated roller and spray applicators to your galvannealed or galvanized steels.

IRMCO’s 313 series metal stamping lubricants were designed specifically as oil-free alternatives to conventional, emulsifiable-oil stamping fluids and competitive, oil-free stamping products for use on zinc-coated steels. Stamping products in this series have been used extensively in automotive, heavy industrial, lawn & garden, and durable consumer goods parts dependably for many years.

IRMCO FLUIDS 313 Series Product Profile

  • Well suited for stamping conventional mild steels – up to 800 MPa tensile strength AHSS steels, galvannealed and galvanized steels of the same tensile strengths.
  • Easily mixed with water to form stable solutions using conventional chemical proportioning systems (HYDROBLEND, “venturi”-type & another mixing).
  • Optimally applied via spray or roller application. Easily applied manually via swabbing, brushing, or wiping.
  • Demonstrate excellent “weld-through” characteristics* over conventional oil-based stamping lubricants.
  • Compatible with conventional, aqueous surface cleaning and pretreatment chemical regimes prior to powder paint, e-coat, and porcelain enameling processes.
  • Oil, nitrite, chlorine, sulfur, boron, and triazine/formaldehyde-free chemistry.

  *Diluent Water Quality Disclaimer    *Recycling/Reusing Stamping Lubricant    *Weld Through Disclaimer

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