Enameling Steel Stamping Lubricants

IRMCO provides oil-free, fully synthetic enameling steel stamping lubricants

Enameling Steel substrates:

  • Lower carbon content steel.
  • Typically, thinner material stock and metallurgy present challenges for deep-draw applications.
  • Part cleanliness is critical to avoid finishing defects.
  • Predominantly used in appliance and outdoor grill/fireplace production.
  • Complex part geometries are common – like oven cavities and cook tops.


  • All IRMCO FLUIDS® products are free of oil and chlorinated paraffins.
  • Cleaner running than oil-based lubricants – allows for cleaner welds.
  • More compliant with ISO 14001 and carbon-reduction initiatives than mineral oil-based lubricants.

Our specialized enameling steel stamping lubricants include:

IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES: oil-free, fully synthetic, economically priced stamping fluids for medium to heavy duty enameling steel stamping processes.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 080 SERIES: oil-free, fully synthetic, heavy-duty stamping fluids for deeper-drawn or parts with more complex geometries.


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