Spray and Pray

When applying stamping lubricant, do you just Spray and Pray? Years ago you probably had a trouble job and unless you flooded the tool, the lubricant just didn’t do the job. You may have even invested in a bigger or more powerful lubricant delivery pump or switched to larger nozzles to maximize flow. But what about...
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Fools Gold

When looking at your lubricant costs are you tempted by super low price options? Some lubricant suppliers can offer very low price alternatives. Some may offer you prices as low as $6 per gallon. When you are spending two times that price for you current lube or even more, it’s very tempting to consider how much...
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The $16,000 drip

Do you have leaky spray nozzles?  Are they dripping after they fire? Years ago you invested thousands of dollars in spray equipment to control lubricant usage. Over time, hoses were damaged or cut.  Maybe certain jobs required extra nozzles.  Or some manifold ports stopped working and were never repaired.  So somebody spliced hoses using “T” connectors. Read More or Add/Read Comments

Ready for the Chlorinated Paraffin Ban?

Did you know it's happening in just under a year from now? Too busy to test new lubricants on the Shop Floor? Why don’t you consider joining the IRMCO iTool Consortium? The what? Ten years ago, Dr. Taylan Altan invited IRMCO to participate in his metal forming research at The Ohio State University’s Center for Precision Forming (OSU-CPF) and...
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