Ready for the Chlorinated Paraffin Ban?

Did you know it’s happening in just under a year from now?

Too busy to test new lubricants on the Shop Floor?

Why don’t you consider joining the IRMCO iTool Consortium?

The what?

Ten years ago, Dr. Taylan Altan invited IRMCO to participate in his metal forming research at The Ohio State University’s Center for Precision Forming (OSU-CPF) and then again with the Edison Welding Institute Forming Center (EWI-FC).

Initial testing with Dr. Altan’s Cup Draw Test (CDT) was on the then emerging Advanced High Strength Steels. The CDT was a practical friction test with which IRMCO saw good correlation to its lubricant performance on difficult draws/materials in the real world.  IRMCO was especially interested because unlike benchtop friction equipment, the CDT utilized an actual press and die.

IRMCO envisioned a need for stampers to evaluate lubricants in a controlled, unbiased manner — without using their own valuable production press time.  So we built our own tool to perform the CDT and found a home for it in a 300 ton servo press. With everyone scrambling to replace chlorinated paraffin with yet to be proven replacement additives, timing could not be more perfect.

A few early adopters have now joined what we are calling the IRMCO iTool Consortium where test data and expertise is exchanged for the good of the Metal Stamping Industry.

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