When looking at your lubricant costs are you tempted by super low price options?

Some lubricant suppliers can offer very low price alternatives. Some may offer you prices as low as $6 per gallon. When you are spending two times that price for you current lube or even more, it’s very tempting to consider how much money could be saved at such a low price.

It’s not simply a case of you get what you pay for, it’s much much bigger than that. Since all lubricants are the same, why not save all that money?  Because that’s not true. Old technology like pigmented fatty oils are in fact very cheap but they can cost as much as 8 times the purchase price to actually use.

Fools Gold iblogUnfortunately, the savings is Fools Gold. It looks real on paper so therefore it must be real, right?

If your stamping anything more than just basic shapes, the extra cost of cheap lube can be staggering.

How so? Well, most oil based cheaper products will clog spray nozzles and roll coaters. You may need bigger pumps to minimize clogging which raises usage volumes, you can’t effectively weld through them without a wash and they don’t adequately prevent tool coating wear. And quite frankly they make your shop stink.

Perhaps your current supplier is happy to sell you some phony savings promise.

Is that the kind of lubricant supplier you want?  Is that the kind of lubricant supplier you deserve?

I don’t think so.  Don’t let them take you as a fool.

Give IRMCO a call.  Problem Solved.

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