Oil-Free Lubricant Metal Types Solutions

IRMCO® specializes in high-performance, oil-free, cost-effective stamping lubricants for a variety of metal substrates:




IRMCO’s 080 & 090 series product lines provide effective options to aerospace, automotive & appliance stampers looking for oil-free, water-extendible lubricant options.

Enameling Steel

Primarily utilized in the manufacture of household appliances, outdoor cooking products, bathtubs, and sinks – enameling steel often requires specialized lubrication. IRMCO supplies three unique product lines specifically designed to address these needs.

General Purpose

For smaller stampers or manufacturers of lighter-duty, conventional products/parts – IRMCO has developed several product lines to meet “general purpose” stamping needs – in lower-cost, more economical chemical solutions.

High/Ultra HSS

IRMCO has been an industry leader in the development of oil-free, chlorinated paraffin-free (CP) stamping lubricants to meet & exceed the increasing demands of today’s harder-to-form steel alloys – including the gigapascal tensile strength steels.

Stainless Steels

Whether aluminized or uncoated stainless steel, IRMCO has been supplying the automotive & consumer products industries for decades with oil-free, chlorinated paraffin-free (CP) alternative stamping lubricants.

Zinc Coated Steels

IRMCO offers several options for the ever-expanding use of galvanized & galvannealed steels in today’s HVAC, appliance & automotive sectors. Some IRMCO products have also been very successful in replacing conventional evaporative lubricants – helping eliminate V.O.C. and drive down production costs.

At IRMCO, our global team strives to surpass our client’s expectations and provide tangible, lasting process improvement, and cost reduction while reducing environmental impact.