Metalforming Lubricants

case-study-tube-bending-lanIRMCO offers several classes of tube bending lubricants designed for a variety of metal substrates and complexity of applications. IRMCO tube bending lubricants to provide optimal lubricity and tool protection, while minimizing residues through welding and cleaning processes. All series offer excellent tube bending and end-forming performance, are oil-free and can be applied either manually or through the mandrel.

IRMCO GEL® 980 series: Clear, stiff gel-type products offer exceptional cling to tube and mandrel surfaces. Recommended for mild steel and stainless steel tubes with diameters up to 8 inches. Recommended for automotive emission systems, structural frame tubing, exercise and office equipment.

IRMCO EXTREME®460 series: Oil-free, opaque, viscous white fluids were specifically designed for aluminum and aluminized stainless steel tube bending and end-forming applications. Recommended for bending automotive emission and structural system tubing, appliance frame and decorative, structural tubing.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 986 series: Opaque, oil-free, “fluid-paste” is recommended for larger diameter, mild steel and some aluminized steel tube-bending applications. Designed to replace competitive chlorinated-paraffin containing pastes on tubes with diameters up to 10 inches. Recommended larger diameter automotive emission system and structural tubing applications.