IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 SERIES of heavy duty drawing and stamping lubricants are fully synthetic fluids designed for medium to heavy duty stamping and drawing of ferrous and some nonferrous metals. 090 series lubricants are suitable for the drawing and stamping of mild steels, HSLA and some stainless steels. Forming true and stable solutions when diluted in water, 090 SERIES lubricants can be easily applied via spray/mist & roller applicators and brushing manually.

IRMCO’s 090 SERIES lubricants provide excellent tool and part protection and ease of use. IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 SERIES are used in many industries including general consumer, tube bending, lawn & garden, automotive, heavy industrial and appliance stamping.

IRMCO’s 090 SERIES Usage

As all customers /applications are unique – use concentrations of IRMCO FLUIDS 090 series lubricants will vary from one customer to another and one process to another. To find what concentration is optimal for your unique process parameters – contact IRMCO or your local IRMCO representative to determine how to best optimize your tool life, part quality and cost savings.

IRMCO’s 090 SERIES Benefits

  • Contain no mineral oil and are fully water miscible.
  • Can be removed at lower temperatures in pretreatment processes.
  • Are compatible with e-coat, powder paint and porcelain enameling processes.
  • Are easily waste treated in conventional systems.
  • Can often be welded through without prior removal *.
  • Are more compliant with maintaining ISO 14001 directives.
  • Compatible in most MQL application methods.
  • Very compatible with conventional proportioning mixers & mixing systems.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 SERIES lubricants are available in pail, drum, tote and bulk quantities. At IRMCO, our global team strives to surpass our client’s expectations and provide tangible, lasting business and environmental value. Contact us today to learn more about IRMCO FLUIDS® 090 SERIES  and our capabilities.

Non-Ferrous Metal Lubricant