Tube Bending Lubricant Solutions

At IRMCO, we specialize in custom, oil-free lubricants for the tube-bending industry. With over 100 years of experience, we understand the standards and quality that are required to work within the industry. Not only were IRMCO products some of the first oil-free stamping fluids – but IRMCO developed the first “gelled” tube-bending lubricants – engineered to stay put and be applied in minimal quantity. IRMCO EXTREME® built further upon that success and IRMCO continues to be a leading provider and innovator of oil-free alternatives for all stamping markets.


During the tube bending process, IRMCO GEL® & EXTREME® tube-bending lubricants provide internal lubrication of tubes and mandrels during bending processes, while also providing external lubrication for tube outer surfaces and wipers/dies.

Where end-forming, swaging, flaring and other post-bending applications are performed, IRMCO provides oil-free stamping lubricants especially suited for those processes’ unique demands. Depending upon the post-bending operation and the metal substrate – IRMCO 080, 090, 146, 323 or 536 series stamping fluids would be recommended to maximize tool life and part quality.

At IRMCO, we work with a complete range of materials to offer customers in the tube bending industry a large choice in specifications for their oil-free lubrication needs. IRMCO’s stamping fluids are safe for mild and stainless steel materials including CRS, HRS, Aluminized steels, standard stainless steel alloys and aluminized stainless steel.

IRMCO GEL® products are available in open-head drums and in pails and our IRMCO EXTREME® products are most commonly available in open-head drums and pails and one specialty product is available in tote container.


  • IRMCO EXTREME® 460-SERIES – suitable for aluminized steel and aluminized stainless steel tube ≤ 6” O.D.
  • IRMCO GEL® 980-SERIES – suitable for mild steel and standard stainless steel alloy tube ≤ 6” O.D.
  • IRMCO GEL® 986 – suitable for mild steel and standard stainless steel alloy tube ≤ 8” O.D.


  • IRMCO GEL® & EXTREME® products “STAY PUT” – minimizing/eliminating weeping/dripping and chemical waste.
  • IRMCO GEL® & EXTREME® lubricants are easily applied manually or through the mandrel.
  • Possible elimination of intermediate cleaning of parts between processes
  • Easier weld-through compared to oil-based lubricants
  • Easier to inspect parts for quality over oil-based products
  • Clean easier in aqueous cleaners

At IRMCO, our global team strives to surpass our client’s expectations and provide tangible, lasting business and environmental value. Contact us today to learn more about IRMCO FLUIDS® and our capabilities.