Lubricant Roller Applicators




Generally used for coil-fed stamping processes – roller applicators provide excellent control and versatility in lubricant application. Roller application not only reduces or eliminates aerosolizing lubricant – it can even allow for different coating weights of lubricant to be applied to each side of a coil simultaneously. The viscosity range and surface wetting characteristics of IRMCO FLUIDS® make them very compatible with conventional roller applicator systems. IRMCO FLUIDS® make stable, true solutions in water – so pumps and solenoids don’t clog like many heavy viscosity oil-based products, unstable emulsions or pigmented products.

With many decades of experience applying our products to coils, we’re pleased to work with our customers’ current equipment and equipment suppliers to optimize your processes as much as possible. If further control of the process or integration of subsequent spray applicators is desired – IRMCO will be happy to recommend suitable suppliers/equipment based on field experiences.


IRMCO is committed to providing our customers with the safest, cleanest and most efficient stamping lubricant solutions – providing tangible, lasting value. Contact us today to learn more about how IRMCO FLUIDS can benefit roller-applied stamping processes.

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