Spray Lubrication Applicator

IRMCO FLUIDS®, oil-free, water-based stamping fluids are engineered not only as the highest performance, most cost-effective products in their class – but also for ease of application. The unique chemical characteristics of all IRMCO FLUIDS® provides for very stable, true solutions capable of providing very fine mists when sprayed through conventional spray application equipment.

Spray Lubrication System Applications

As pumps, spray nozzles, solution reservoirs and applicator controls can differ greatly from one manufacturer to another IRMCO® works carefully with our customers to optimize their current spray application systems to maximize efficiencies.

With many decades of experience converting customers to IRMCO FLUIDS® – we are happy to work with your current spray application systems – or to recommend the equipment we feel will best suit our customers’ unique process and economic needs.

Whether a single-stage stamping process or a 25-stage progressive die, a press-controlled spray system or integrated, custom-controlled spray system with individual nozzle variables – IRMCO FLUIDS® and IRMCO® expertise lead the way in cost reduction and efficiency.

Our global team strives to surpass our client’s expectations and provide tangible, lasting business and environmental value. Contact us today to learn more about how IRMCO FLUIDS can optimize your stamping processes through properly controlled spray application.