Spray Lubrication Systems


IRMCO SPRAY - APPLICATION HARDWARE SYSTEM is the most dependable, durable, and cost effective method to spray apply IRMCO FLUIDS on the market today. The system utilizes the time proven Spra-Rite technology from Industrial Innovations.

PRECISE APPLICATION - The system utilizes independently controlled, electrically operated, highly efficient injector valves. Coupled with a smart PLC and a pre-determined press stroke signal, lubricant can be precisely regulated to wherever it is needed. Specific stage(s) of a transfer/progressive die, incoming flat material, or that last punch at the end of the process can all be independently lubricated as needed.

ZERO WASTE - Along with the ability to adjust nozzle volume independently, patented zero drip spray nozzle assemblies combine low pressure with high velocity to produce the most effective means of applying lubricants throughout the stamping process.

DURABLE & FLEXIBLE - Systems are robust and designed according to your press side requirements. Spray systems can be mounted to a press or stand alone as a movable pedestal system. Smaller systems can be bucket top or trial only if desired. Systems are expandable to as many nozzle locations as needed.


Spray systems can have any number of nozzles in either pedestal or press mount. Alpha systems are regulated to a total of six nozzles.