Automotive OEM: Fluid Transfer Tube

Fluid Transfer Tube


Project Scope: replace an animal fat-based, paste bending lubricant in stainless steel tube-bending applications where excessive mandrel ball and wiper die wear and breakage occur.


Material Dimensions: 2.0” O.D., 0.065” (1.65 mm) WALL THICKNESS TUBE

IRMCO Product: IRMCO FLUIDS® 090-150

Process Improvements:

  • IRMCO FLUIDS® 090-150 increased mandrel ball and wiper life 3x over the previous, competitive animal fat-based paste.
  • IRMCO FLUIDS® 090-150 was more easily and uniformily applied through the mandrel via pump as well as manually.
  • Cleaning of inner and outer tube surfaces was easier and more complete.
  • Tube and tooling temperatures were reduced an average 10-20°F through the bending process after implementing MQL-applied IRMCO FLUIDS® 090-150.