Project Scope: Provide alternative to chlorinated paraffin-based, paste-type tube bending lubricant for stainless steel tube-bending applications.

Metal Substrate: 304 STAINLESS STEEL—1.65mm THICKNESS: 3″ O.D. Tube

IRMCO Product: IRMCO GEL® 986-00D

Process Improvements:

  1. IRMCO GEL 986-00D Generated 8-12% lower drag in mandrel bending applications over the competitive, mineral oil & chlorinated paraffin-based tube bending paste.
  2. IRMCO GEL 986-00D was easily applied through the mandrel via pump as well as manually.
  3. Provided enough residual lubricity for subsequent end-forming application.
  4. IRMCO GEL 986-00D eliminated the need for hand wiping tubes prior to cleaning. The competitive, chlorinated paraffin based product needed to hand wiped prior to immersion cleaning.
  5. IRMCO GEL 986-00D cleaned completely in cleaning processes-eliminating rejects due to surface residues previously left behind by the competitive product.