DDS Galvanized Reinforcement Case Study

Project Scope
Replace chlorinated paraffin-based emulsifiable oil w/ a fully synthetic stamping lubricant.

IRMCO successfully replaced the competitive, chlorinated paraffin-based, emulsifiable oil stamping fluid with a fully synthetic, non-chlorinated lubricant & cut associated disposal & production costs.


  • Eliminated chlorinated paraffin & mineral oil from the stamping process.
  • Eliminated fluid rancidity & foul odor in the plant.
  • Produced, cleaner, drier, easier to inspect production parts.
  • Helped customer achieve several ISO 14001 goals with IRMCO FLUIDS.

GA DDS steel coil – 0.085”-0.089” (2.16-2.26mm) thickness.

Product Used
IRMCO FLUIDS® 146-00N @ 11:1 dilution ratio (8.3%).

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