Galvanized Motor Housing Case Study

Project Scope
Replace competitive, synthetic stamping lubricant that produced staining and white corrosion on deep drawn galvanized parts and built-up ZN residue on tooling.

IRMCO replaced the competitive lubricant with a synthetic stamping lubricant that eliminated staining/corrosion, and improved tool life.


  • Eliminated staining & corrosive attack of the part’s zinc coating.
  • Prevented “pick-up” of zinc on tooling & punches – improving tool life & efficiency.
  • Lowered concentration of IRMCO lubricant by 10%.
  • Produced lower temperature, cleaner parts exiting the press.

Galvanized EDDS steel coil – 0.097” (2.46mm) thickness.

Product Used
IRMCO FLUIDS® 146-892 @ 7:1 dilution ratio (12.5%)

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