Main Body Pillars Case Study

Project Scope
Replace competitive, synthetic stamping lubricant to reduce fluid consumption, white corrosion on parts, and heavy residues creating weld defects.

IRMCO replaced the competitive fluid reducing chemical consumption by 17%, eliminated corrosion, and weld residues.


  • Reduced chemical consumption 17% over the competitive fluid.
  • Eliminated staining & white corrosion on galvanized production parts in prolonged storage.
  • Provided a stamping lubricant with a safer worker & environmental exposure profile.

MS 50002 CR DP340Y590T GI60 steel coil – 0.030-0.033” (0.76-0.83mm) thickness.

Product Used
IRMCO FLUIDS® 146-692 @ 7:1 dilution ratio (12.5%).

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