Stamping Lubricants for Enameling Steel


IRMCO FLUIDS® 109 SERIES of very economical, light to medium-duty stamping lubricants. These fully synthetic fluids were designed specifically for the unique demands of the appliance manufacturing market. The 109 series of lubricants take decades of IRMCO stamping knowledge and hones the high-quality performance attributes toward the light to medium-duty, mild steel and specialized, enameling steels utilized in manufacturing appliances. 109 series lubricants form true, stable solutions in water and can be applied easily through conventional misting, roller-based or hybrid application systems. Fluid films applied to mild steel &/or enameling steel surfaces clean very easily – providing superior surface quality prior to paint or enameling processes.

IRMCO’s 109 series of fluids are suitable for general purpose stamping of mild steel components, but are particularly well-suited for appliance stamping applications such as cooktops, door panels, oven cavities/wrappers, control and support panels & outdoor grills.

IRMCO 109 Series Usage

As all customers / applications are unique – use concentrations of IRMCO FLUIDS 109 series lubricants will vary from one customer to another and one process or substrate to another. To determine which IRMCO FLUIDS 109 series product and concentration/s are right for your application – contact IRMCO or your local IRMCO representative for guidance.

IRMCO’s 109 SERIES  Benefits:

  • Contain no mineral oil and are fully water miscible.
  • Are removed easily with conventional, aqueous cleaning systems.
  • Provide excellent surface finish on parts, providing for optimal paint or enamel appearance.
  • Are easily waste treatable in conventional waste treatment systems.
  • Can often be welded through without prior removal *
  • Are compatible with most MQL-type application processes – leading to lower consumption & chemical waste.
  • Very compatible with conventional chemical proportioning and mixing systems.
  • Form clear solutions in water – aiding in quality inspections.

IRMCO FLUIDS 109 SERIES products are all available in pail, drum, tote & bulk quantities. Our global team strives to surpass our client’s expectations & provide tangible, lasting business & environmental value. Contact us today to learn more about the IRMCO FLUIDS 109 series and our capabilities.



Stamping Lubricants for Enameling Steel