IRMCO realizes it’s not enough to properly select and apply the right stamping lubricant for your stamping processes – consistent control of lubricant dilution must also be maintained. Maintaining proper solution concentration impacts everything from tool life and scrap rates to housekeeping and treatment/disposal costs – impacting your bottom line.

IRMCO will work with customers to provide the best options for their solution control needs. Regardless of whether you’re proportioning from a drum or tote – or proportioning and mixing different dilutions from a plumbed central mixing site – IRMCO will assist you and your equipment manufacturers to ensure compatibility and consistency of operation.

For everything from hand-held meters to check and record solution concentration – to proportioning pumps – to large, central mixing sites – IRMCO has the experience and relationships in the industry to help address your solution mixing and monitoring needs.

Our representatives strive to surpass our client’s expectations and provide tangible, lasting business and environmental value. Contact us today to learn more about fluid mixing and control options.