Two kinds of mixng systems are typically utilized by IRMCO customers: direct, proportional mixing systems and programmable central mixing systems:

HYDROBLEND offers one of the best-built, consistent  and reliable proportioning mixers for direct lubricant mixing and consumption. HYDROBLEND offers a wide selection of mixing pumps that can address most commonly used dilution ratios. Pumps for unusual or highly viscous fluid concentrates can be specially manufactured by HYDROBLEND to address virtually any lubrication need. These pumps are most appropriate for situations where lubricant is mixed from a drum or tote and used directly by a press operator or shared by a production cell. HYDROBLEND pumps can offer a smaller “footprint” for a mixing area and can offer some degree of portability or ease of relocating within a production facility.

SPRAY-RITE and UNIST both offer programmable, PLC controlled, central mixing systems that can accommodate mixing and delivery of different dilution ratios of the same lubricant, or accommodate mixing different lubricants at different ratios. Systems of this type are fixed and occupy a set space in a production facility and are not easily moved. Water and power are plumbed to these mixing systems and they are typically used for facilities that consume higher volumes of lubricant (greater number of presses) or operate using a “dropline” of diluted lubricant plumbed to press cells for use in application equipment. Up to three differennet dilution ratios of one lubricant can be supplied by each of these mixing systems: SPRAY RITE PRO-MIX series and UNIST UNIBLEND systems.

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