Mandrel Lubricant Applicator

Mandrel Lubricant Applicator

IRMCO GEL® & IRMCO EXTREME® tube bending lubricants are most effectively and efficiently applied using the IRMCO iV® PUMP SYSTEM. This is a system comprised of a lubricant pump integrated with a ball-valve metering assembly that regulates the amount of lubricant pumped through mandrel rods and wiper dies.

Mandrel Lubricant Applicator Process

The IRMCO iV® PUMP SYSTEM provides an optimized lubricant coating while minimizing waste. A “follower plate” lowers as lubricant is pumped from the drum or pail – minimizing pump cavitation and preventing starving tooling of lubricant. The amount of IRMCO GEL® or IRMCO EXTREME® can be controlled by time and fluid pressure and the valve configurations can vary from one to six valves to accommodate different production cells or just one or two benders.

Type of Lubricant for Mandrel Application

This applicator can be used with all our IRMCO tube-bending lubricants – including the following series:

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IRMCO EXTREME iTRANSFER and iTRANSPORT System “convenience” solutions:

The IRMCO iTRANSFER & iTRANSPORT system is a two-part chemical containment and transfer system designed to prevent running out of vital process chemistry in production. The 330 gallon IBC of IRMCO iTRANSFER adds convenience through lowered shipping costs compared to drum quantities and the volume/level sights on both IRMCO iTRANSFER and iTRANSPORT containers allows for visible tracking of remaining IRMCO EXTREME inventory.

IRMCO EXTREME iTRANSFER System includes: an IBC spill containment pallet, GRACO transfer pump and all hose/fittings for pump connection and transfer of product from original tote to iTRANSPORT drum.

IRMCO EXTREME iTRANSPORT System includes: 55-gallon plastic drum with side – sight level/gauge and steel drum dolly.