IRMCO® MONITOR-USAGE MONITORING SYSTEM – is the most dependable, durable, and cost effective method to monitor and report the usage of IRMCO FLUIDS® over time.

HIGH AND LOW FOR DATA – There are a few options to measure lubricant usage. A simple, low-end usage-monitoring system can be inserted inline to a mixing system or application system to determine usage over time. However, if more data is necessary, a higher-end usage monitoring system developed and used by IRMCO® personnel in the field and dubbed “The Green Box” can be stationed press side. An internal data logger and sophisticated flow meter can capture usage over time without any interruption and download to a computer when needed. The end user can see usage and flow rate per shift, part, or stroke with a supplied signal from the press.

ZERO WASTE– Knowing where the lubricant is being used or wasted is paramount in optimizing usage and application. With hard data to support before and after reductions, the end user can eliminate the waste and focus on using only what is necessary in the process.