Automotive OEM: Pump Bracket



Project Scope: Replace  competitive synthetic stamping fluids that leaves residues that cannot be removed in out-sourced pretreatment and finishing processes resulting in excessive defects and rework.

Metal Substrate: HDG G30 CS TYPE R ASTM A653 STEEL-0.1180” (3.0mm) THICKNESS.

IRMCO Product: IRMCO FLUIDS® 146-896 @ 7.5:1 RATIO.

Process Improvements:

  1. IRMCO FLUIDS 146-896 maintained same press speed and part quality while reducing the lubricant concentration  13.5/14.8 almost 10%  from the incumbent product concentration.
  2. IRMCO recommended the use of airknives to reduce excess fluid in hoppers and on parts-virtually eliminating residues left on parts prior to shipment.
  3. IRMCO FLUIDS 146-896 exhibited better tool life over the competitive lubricant-allowing for consolidation of other operations to one lubricant product.