Automotive OEM: Upper Suspension Arm



Project Scope: Reduce concentration and consumption of stamping lubricant while replacing both competitive emulsifiable oil and synthetic stamping fluids.

Metal Substrate: JAH440W –45/45 GALVANNEALED STEEL– 2.9 mm THICKNESS.

IRMCO Product: IRMCO FLUIDS® 313-00D @ 9:1 RATIO.

Process Improvements:

  1. Proved effective at replacing both mineral oil-based and competitive synthetic stamping fluids using 20% less fluid concentrate.
  2. Maintained same press speed and part quality at reduced concentration.
  3. Parts passed welding without cleaning prior.
  4. Parts passed cleaning and e-coat compatibility through customer specified process.
  5. Parts passed aged part welding and cleaning testing through customer specified pretreatment processes.