European Industrial Lubricants FAQ

IRMCO is committed to continue to provide products to the EU market. 

Answers to Commonly asked Questions regarding REACH:

Since IRMCO is not an EU entity subject to REACH, how are you handling REACH?
IRMCO is addressing our EU importer’s REACH obligations through an Only Representative (OR).

How does one contact IRMCO for REACH related matters?
Please email inquires to:

Is IRMCO going to pre-register their products, such as 980-000?
Under REACH, IRMCO products are classified as preparations.  Preparations are not subject to pre-registration.  Preparations are made up of substances.  IRMCO is addressing pre-registration for applicable substances.

Will IRMCO confirm pre-registration of all the substances in their products?
All relevant substances in IRMCO preparations will be pre-registered by November 30, 2008.

Will IRMCO forward a copy of the pre-registrations once they have been completed?
Pre-registration numbers will be provided as soon as they are available.

Are any of these substances likely to be substances of very high concern within the meaning or REACH?
We do not anticipate the identification of any substances of high concern in our products.

Does IRMCO foresee any problems in maintaining a product supply following the full implementation of REACH?
We do not expect any problems in our supply chain.

Does IRMCO have sufficient information to ensure that it and its suppliers can complete the full registration within the meaning of REACH?
IRMCO is assessing the availability and completeness of information.