EPA “About Face!”

You’ve got to face facts here – you can’t just bury your head in the sand.  With the recent reversal of the EPA’s planned ban on the use of chlorinated paraffins (CP), those who have relied on CP in the past may be tempted to fall back into the same old habits of production, but many pitfalls still exist.  What may seem like a blessing for them now—may only be a temporary reprieve. Just as this new presidential administration brought about a change in stance—the next administration(s) may very well complicate things later.

One might ask – why should I care?  What’s the big deal? The ban isn’t moving forward at this time, the materials will still be available and I can proceed with “business as usual”. These are valid points, but there are many reasons why CP should still be a concern and why it should matter to purchasing, regulatory and production personnel throughout the manufacturing community – as well as to local communities.  This a topic with wide-reaching impact for years – or possibly decades – to come.

In the coming months, IRMCO will post a series of articles commenting on various topics related to the use of CP.  The intention is to provide a primer for those unfamiliar with chlorinated paraffin in metal-stamping and to promote better awareness of the justification of their use and potential options for their replacement.

Please check back for updated material and postings.


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