Automotive Shock Tower


Project Scope: Reduce customer scrap and lubricant consumption while not compromising tool-life.

Metal Substrate: 700MPa HSLA – 0.134” (3.4 mm) THICKNESS

IRMCO Product: IRMCO FLUIDS® 146-00N @ 7:1 dilution ratio (12.5%)

Process Improvements:

  1. IRMCO FLUIDS 146-00N at 7:1 ratio (12.5%) replaced the competitive fluid used at 4:1 ratio (20%) – cutting direct fluid consumption by over 35%.
  2. IRMCO process optimization further reduced the amount of fluid required through application equipment to make the parts by 25%.
  3. Press speed and production rates were not compromised.
  4. Scoring and burrs associated with use of the competitive fluid were reduced or eliminated with IRMCO FLUIDS 146-00N.