Project Scope
Eliminate chlorinated paraffin-based emulsifiable oil, need for excessive volume of applied lubricant and scoring on deep drawn, stainless steel parts.

IRMCO eliminated the need for chlorinated paraffin-based emulsifiable oil and provided cleaner, more economical process control. Used same dilution ratio as competitive product but reduced volume applied.


  • Eliminated the need for chlorinated paraffin.
  • Eliminated oil from the process – decreasing cleaning & disposal costs.
  • Reduced the amount of applied lubricant by 15%.
  • IRMCO FLUIDS provided a safer operator & environmental safety profile chemistry.

ASTM S409 Stainless steel coil – 0.0442”-0.0472” (1.12-1.20mm) thickness.

Product Used
IRMCO FLUIDS® 080-00B @ 4:1 dilution ratio (20%).

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