Introducing IRMCO FLUIDS 536-V06

IRMCO FLUIDS® 536-V06 is the most recent addition to the tried and tested “536-series” line of oil-free stamping fluids.

536-V06 was developed to address the expanded use of higher strength steels in the metal-stamping industry. This product is suitable for stamping 500-980MPa tensile strength steels as well as 300 and 400 series stainless steel alloys. 536-V06 mixes easily with water to form stable solutions that impart excellent EP for metal stamping processes – particularly where extrusions present issues. The light color and comparatively fluid film residues of 536-V06 allow for greater ease of part inspection and can be welded through.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 536-V06 has performed well in stamping high strength structural automotive components like chassis, suspension subframes, steel wheels and seating frame structures as well as stainless steel components for automotive emission and sound dampening products.

To determine if IRMCO FLUIDS 536-V06 is the right product for your application, contact your IRMCO representative to arrange a process audit and review your options.

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