New IRMCO Stamping Fluid for Appliances

IRMCO FLUIDS® 109-00J is a new addition to the IRMCO  FLUIDS, oil-free stamping lubricant line–specifically developed to provide a lower-cost option to competitive fluids–while offering excellent utility.

109-00J has proven very effective in stamping of enameling steels utilized in the appliance industries. It is easily dilutable, can be applied sparingly and cleans easily in conventional alkaline and neutral pH surface cleaning systems prior to applying and firing of porcelain enamel.

In more general applications–109-00J would be recommended for use on steels ranging from 200MPa to 500MPa tensile strengths. Enameling steels used in the manufacture of outdoor grills, appliance components and lavatory/kitchen equipment can be stamped in concentrations ranging from 2:1 (33%) to 6:1 (14%) as a general guideline–depending upon severity of application and speed of forming.

Because of the unique chemistry of 109-00J–use on zinc coated steels, aluminum and yellow metals is not recommended.







To determine if 109-00J is the right product for your application–Contact your IRMCO representative for consultation.






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