IRMCO Honors Earth Day

HONORS EARTH DAYOver 150 years ago, there was no EPA to dictate that a factory should not release fumes into the air or dump waste into the rivers. There was no such thing as emission testing or recycling centers.

On April 22, 1970, Congress declared Earth Day.  Laws and regulations were mandated to eliminate further pollution. Conservation was put in place to reserve natural resources such as water, vegetation, etc.

For the last 104 years, IRMCO celebrates Earth Day by promoting optimization and efficiency to all our customers.  Our products are environmentally sound alternatives to traditional chlorinated oils, pigmented pastes, water soluble oils and synthetic metal forming/stamping lubricants. Why use more if you can use less? Why wash if you don’t need to? Celebrate with us. Give IRMCO a call. Problem solved.

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