Modern data tracking has irrevocably changed our lives. Our lives are impacted daily by electronic tracking methods. Whether it’s the consumption of our utilities, paying traffic tolls, tracking online orders or navigating traffic through town or cross-country—virtually everywhere we turn—there is some sort of electronic or electro-mechanical tracking of some facet of our lives.

This is nothing new to manufacturing. Process tracking and control of cleaning and surface treatment, painting and waste treatment processes have been commonplace for decades. Machining fluid systems have also had some modicum of tracking and control through central system design and monitoring. Only metal-stamping hasn’t widely embraced the concept of tracking isolated volumes or consumption—even though it could generate massive cost savings.

The diversity of parts stamped and their differing complexities and substrates add to the challenge of isolating production variables, but what if there was a device that could provide the necessary insight to debug and optimize problematic stamping processes? Well, now there is: IRMCO iNSIGHT®.

IRMCO iNSIGHT® is a patented device that allows for real-time tracking of fluid consumption through delivery lines to stamping processes. As a portable unit—IRMCO iNSIGHT can easily be moved from one press to another without the need for hard-plumbed fluid or power lines and can monitor press fluid consumption for however long an interval is required. Combined with other, readily available data points like press stroke speed, fluid line pressure and nozzle flow rates—areas of fluid waste can be quantified.

In order to get your SIX SIGMA project rolling—you need to define your goals. To define your goals –you need iNSIGHT.

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